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Inside these pages, you will discover seven essential elements to producing a high-quality nonfiction e-book.

Author and editor Tanya Brockett shares information with you that her best-selling clients have used to create in-demand books for over a decade. Topics covered include:

  • How your mindset impacts your success as an author
  • How to use the language of intention to chart your course to publishing
  • The variety of e-book formats and what yours should look like
  • Why your page count, word count, and font size matter
  • How to find your sweet spot and choose the right topic for you
  • Strategies for writing content effectively
  • How well-structured outlines will practically write the book for you
  • Understanding why quality matters to your reputation and sales
  • How to self-edit your book
  • When and how to use a professional editor
  • How to request a sample edit and what to expect
  • What a simplified editing process looks like
  • Understanding the parts of a quality book and how to structure it
  • How to lay out and design your quality e-book
  • An extensive list of resources that you can tap into to complete your book
  • All of this and more!

In addition to all of this great content, you will also find a few special bonuses inside like access to a special book outlining template and a link to a discounted training program to help you live your best life as an author. As soon as you order and confirm your delivery e-mail address, you will have immediate access to the book download page. Take action now.

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The New Writer Workbook:
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